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Student Testimonials

"Helena is an amazing singing instructor who brings so much energy and knowledge into their lessons. What I love about my lessons with Helena is how patiently they explain every vocal exercise and how it applies to the songs we are working on. 

I had some experience singing in high school choir before my lessons and asked Helena to teach me how to belt and sing more powerfully. After a few months of lessons, I literally felt my voice transform as I went from being a soft singer to someone singing Beyonce songs and runs confidently.


The lessons challenged me but never felt impossible for me to do, and I appreciated how proud and excited Helena was whenever I nailed something I couldn’t before. 


tldr: If you’re looking for a knowledgable, talented, and nurturing singing instructor, I totally recommend Helena".

-Teresa P.

"I came into singing lessons with Helena with minimal experience. Like, I had a music background but no real idea how to sing properly, meaning proper posture and use of facial muscles (or lack thereof).

They started with the basics, which I appreciated not knowing much, then went into singing songs once the basics were down. Even after several songs, I was always learning more technique and warm up exercises to really build on the basics. Great for beginners and experts alike".

-Lalo O.

"I came to Helena after a long gap in singing. For a long time, I'd thought about returning, but the last experience I'd had was so harmful, I didn't know if I'd ever sing in front of anyone again.

I'm disabled and low-income, and I have struggled to find people who can be flexible with my needs. Right from the start, Helena has been supportive, patient, and completely non-judgmental about my journey and my voice.

Their teaching persona is upbeat and fun while also being precise and challenging. Our lessons are filled with laughter and joy.

Helena is a wonderful teacher and guide--they're always considering my voice as well as my body and spirit. Because I can tell they care about me as a person, my confidence is never shaken when they gently correct my techniques. It feels like we're working on a goal together.

I've already learned so much from Helena, and I'm very grateful that they are sharing their gifts with me. I highly recommend taking lessons with Helena!"

- Natalie R. 

"Helena is a compassionate, adaptable, and extremely-knowledgable educator, skilled in both vocal work, and communicating the nuance of controlling such a personal instrument. Their style focuses on the needs of the individual, and they are quick to tailor their lessons and content to make even the most daunting of concepts approachable.

Helena combines with this educational acumen with an engaged and enthusiastic relationally, working with the learner to fully express both their goals-and their personality. I cannot give a higher recommendation for their services, which helped me to gain a confidence and control over my own voice, and a better awareness of my how my whole body imbues my voice with presence and soul."

-Lennox B.

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